Want some easy free money? Spend 10 minutes doing this.


Coinbase is one of the largest international cryptocurrency trading platforms around. They are especially welcoming to newcomers who want to learn about the world of cryptocurrency.

One of their newest site features is ‘Coinbase Earn’ – a project in which you learn about some of the newer and lesser-known about cryptocurrencies. In return, they will reward you for your time. It will take around 10-15 minutes in total (Or cheat and the answers are below). After each short video, you will be asked a question on the topic of the video, and with a correct answer, you will be rewarded with $2 worth of XLM. – Don’t worry though, if you get the answer wrong you can try again!

To create an account you will have to verify your ID, but this is completed instantly usually.

Here is my referral link, you don’t have to use it to earn the money but we both get an extra $10 if you do.

After you have signed up you can then invite 4 of your friends and you will both again get $10 each time (adding up to an extra $40 for you!). 

Enjoy your free money!


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