CryptoNinjas Avelacom, a high-performance, global connectivity and IT infrastructure provider for the financial services industry, today announced a partnership with Seed CX, a digital asset exchange built particularly for institutional investors. Institutional customers of Avelacom including proprietary trading firms and hedge funds will… Avelacom widens access to institutional bitcoin exchangeRead More →

CryptoNinjas Switcheo Network, the first decentralized exchange on the NEO blockchain which now allows trading of Ethereum, NEO and soon EOS tokens, today announced a strategic partnership with Obolus, a research, and development company that provides solutions in the finance and blockchain sectors. This partnership will enable… Switcheo forms partnershipRead More →

CryptoNinjas The IOST Foundation, the overseer of the IOST blockchain network, today announced its strategic partnership with ARPA, a leading privacy-preserving computation network. ARPA will provide privacy protection and computation security on the IOST public chain as a Layer 2 solution. Using secure multi-party computation technology, ARPA… IOST blockchain toRead More →

Auditchain to integrate Monax blockchain legal contracts into assurance platform CryptoNinjas Auditchain, the developer of a decentralized continuous audit and reporting protocol ecosystem for digital asset and enterprise assurance and disclosure, announced today that it is entering into a strategic alliance with Monax to integrate its blockchain-based legal products andRead More →

Cryptocurrency Adoption Grows Beyond ‘Bitcoin City’ in Slovenia and Croatia The number of stores that accept cryptocurrencies is rising in Slovenia and Croatia. Starting with merchants in one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in Europe, Elipay has now integrated with 300 stores in Slovenia and begun expandingRead More →

STO Global-X security token platform integrated into GSX Group’s STACS CryptoNinjas The Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group (GSX Group) via its fin-tech subsidiary Hashstacs and Singapore-headquartered STO Global-X announced today the beginning of collaborations. STO Global-X ‘s end-to-end securities tokenization platform and exchange solution will be integrated with the GSX Group’s Securities Asset TradingRead More →

Installing a Subdermal Bitcoin Wallet Is Only for the Brave In 2014, Dutch entrepreneur Martijn Wismeijer made headlines by having a pair of bitcoin wallets embedded under his skin. Since then, various cypherpunks and tech journalists have had microchips embedded into their hands. Anyone interested in getting ‘chipped,’ forRead More →

Cannabis, Cryptocurrency and Compliance: One Man’s Quest to Support Unbanked Businesses Ernesto Huerta is the very embodiment of Bitcoin. As the operator of Crypto Space, a physical bitcoin exchange in Los Angeles’ San Pedro neighborhood, Huerta knows more than most about the challenges of running a cryptocurrency business whileRead More →