MinerGate Token (MG): The Ultimate Loyalty Tool For Users

MinerGate is glad to introduce MinerGate Token (MG) – a token created as a loyalty tool. It is designed as a vital instrument to fuel the entire ecosystem of MinerGate products. We have always been focused on enhancing our service and providing better user experience, and now the new MG token is going to serve […]

Lumi Wallet with EOS support released

The MinerGate team is glad to inform you, that our strategic partner – Lumi Wallet – have released the first version of the updated Lumi Wallet App with the support of EOS cryptocurrency. This project become possible thanks to the close cooperation of MinerGate and Lumi Wallet developers teams. In the first version of the […]

Nameos – the first MinerGate contribution to EOS

It’s been a while since MinerGate launched its own EOS block producer in December 2018. This milestone set in motion the massive project of MinerGate’s DPoS expansion. Now our team is glad to introduce the first contribution to the EOS ecosystem – a decentralized platform for EOS names trading, called Nameos. It’s the very first […]

Mineable Cryptocurrencies Are Far More Valuable Than Non-Mineable Coins

Mineable Cryptocurrencies Are Far More Valuable Than Non-Mineable Coins There are 2,121 digital currencies tracked on market websites with a net valuation of around $140 billion. Statistics for the end of Q1 2019 show mineable digital assets to be the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market today, with the top eight mineable coins representing […]