Welcome GRIN on MinerGate

Welcome GRIN on MinerGate The MinerGate team is pleased to announce that the mining pool for Grin cryptocurrency has been successfully launched, along with its own MinerGate’s Grin block explorer. Now you can discover and start mining one of the most promising Proof of Work coins of early 2019. The Grin coin is built […]

Bitcoin (BTC) mining pool closure

Bitcoin (BTC) mining pool closure The MinerGate team is informing you that due to the low interest for Bitcoin mining, caused by the ongoing trend of reduced profitability, it was decided to cease support of the MinerGate BTC mining pool. This hard yet necessary step will allow our developer team to focus on releasing […]

MinerGate is stoped supporting Fantomcoin (FCN)

MinerGate is stoped supporting Fantomcoin (FCN) Dear MinerGate users: To provide better mining options for users, MinerGate has conducted comprehensive and periodic reviews of all coins supported on our platform and will stop supporting coins that fail to meet our supporting criteria. We have decided to stop supporting Fantomcoin (FCN), mining will be stopped […]

How to operate your Grin coins

How to operate your Grin coins There are two major operations you can do with cryptocurrencies, excluding the mining or staking process. These are storing and exchanging. Without wallets and support from exchanges, every cryptocurrency is close to being useless. That’s why it’s so important at every project’s start to ensure the collaboration and […]

All you need to know about the Monero update

All you need to know about the Monero update Monero (XMR) was initially released in April 2014 and was one of the first anonymous cryptocurrencies in the field. Since its launch, the Monero network has experienced many changes and updates, the most recent one taking place on 9 March 2019. Let’s have a quick […]

The community aspect of Grincoin

The community aspect of Grincoin The community is an essential part of blockchain networks. It’s pretty obvious because there will be no decentralized projects without people to support such a structure. That’s why along with technical development, cryptocurrency projects should carry on the community management. It always starts with the idea. There are dozens […]