Dear miner, We are glad to announce that HitBTC will be the first major exchange to list the MG Token. Support from HitBTC is an important step towards developing the MinerGate loyalty tool. HitBTC is one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges out there, providing markets for more than 300Read More →

MinerGate is glad to introduce MinerGate Token (MG) – a token created as a loyalty tool. It is designed as a vital instrument to fuel the entire ecosystem of MinerGate products. We have always been focused on enhancing our service and providing better user experience, and now the new MGRead More →

Greetings! In light of recent developments, we’re glad to announce that MinerGate will support the TRON mainnet by becoming its new Super Representative. We believe that our strong expertise in high load solutions for both hardware and software systems will help TRON scale to a new level.   As aRead More →

CryptoNinjas Algorand, an open-source software and blockchain technology company, announced today the opening of its testnet to the public at large. After a successful private testnet period with several hundred participants, the company is now inviting all businesses, developers and users to engage and provide feedback on… Blockchain platform AlgorandRead More →

CryptoNinjas The IOST Foundation, the overseer of the IOST blockchain network, today announced its strategic partnership with ARPA, a leading privacy-preserving computation network. ARPA will provide privacy protection and computation security on the IOST public chain as a Layer 2 solution. Using secure multi-party computation technology, ARPA… IOST blockchain toRead More →

Investoland to develop network on top of Bitcoin powered by RSK CryptoNinjas Investoland, a global decentralized investment network, today announced its alliance with RSK, the first open source smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network. With this partnership, Investoland will develop its decentralized investment network on top ofRead More →

Welcome GRIN on MinerGate The MinerGate team is pleased to announce that the mining pool for Grin cryptocurrency has been successfully launched, along with its own MinerGate’s Grin block explorer. Now you can discover and start mining one of the most promising Proof of Work coins of early 2019.Read More →

The community aspect of Grincoin The community is an essential part of blockchain networks. It’s pretty obvious because there will be no decentralized projects without people to support such a structure. That’s why along with technical development, cryptocurrency projects should carry on the community management. It always starts withRead More →