CryptoNinjas Grayscale, a digital asset investment company, today announced that it has received FINRA approval for the public quotation of eligible shares of Grayscale Ethereum Trust. Launched in 2017, Grayscale Ethereum Trust enables investors to gain exposure to the price movement of Ethereum… Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE) approved for publicRead More →

CryptoNinjas Avelacom, a high-performance, global connectivity and IT infrastructure provider for the financial services industry, today announced a partnership with Seed CX, a digital asset exchange built particularly for institutional investors. Institutional customers of Avelacom including proprietary trading firms and hedge funds will… Avelacom widens access to institutional bitcoin exchangeRead More →

CryptoNinjas Robinhood Markets, a Silicon Valley-based stock trading app company, today announced that New Yorkers can now officially buy cryptocurrencies on Robinhood Crypto. At the beginning of the year, Robinhood Crypto received the BitLicense and a money transmitter license to operate in New… After BitLicense, Robinhood Crypto finally available inRead More →

CryptoNinjas PumaPay, a blockchain-based payment system, today has announced that global payment service provider, Pay360 by Capita, will be adopting its crypto payment solution. Pay360 by Capita has been providing secure payment services for over 18 years, enabling their clients to offer seamless… Pay360 by Capita to integrate PumaPay cryptocurrencyRead More →

CryptoNinjas SigOne Capital, an institutional grade over the counter (OTC) broker for trading crypto assets, today announced a partnership with DV Chain, an affiliate company of proprietary trading organization DV Trading and IIROC Dealer Independent Trading Group. The partnership is designed to embolden both parties to expand… Crypto OTC firmRead More →

CryptoNinjas CasperLabs, an ADAPtive Holdings-backed research and developer building ‘blockchain for public enterprise’ networks, has unveiled the first key update for developers, Node 0.2, which significantly reduces barriers to downloading, building, and running a network of Correct By Construction (CBC) CasperLabs nodes. The project, which utilizes insights… CasperLabs, supported byRead More →

CryptoNinjas Switcheo Network, the first decentralized exchange on the NEO blockchain which now allows trading of Ethereum, NEO and soon EOS tokens, today announced a strategic partnership with Obolus, a research, and development company that provides solutions in the finance and blockchain sectors. This partnership will enable… Switcheo forms partnershipRead More →

CryptoNinjas Enjin, a blockchain based community gaming platform, today has announced the launch of blockchain asset support to EnjinX, its recently launched Ethereum explorer built for speed. The anticipated update includes full ERC-1155 integration, enabling gamers to search, browse, and verify next-generation Ethereum blockchain assets via EnjinX’s clean interface…. Enjin launches blockchainRead More →

CryptoNinjas Algorand, an open-source software and blockchain technology company, announced today the opening of its testnet to the public at large. After a successful private testnet period with several hundred participants, the company is now inviting all businesses, developers and users to engage and provide feedback on… Blockchain platform AlgorandRead More →